Paleo Cumin Rubbed Salmon on Minted Snap Peas and Tomatoes

Cumin Rubbed Salmon on Snap Peas with Mint and Tomatoes





  1. Mix the rub ingredients thoroughly and sprinkle over the salmon filets.  Let sit for 15 mins.
  2. Slice the sugar snap peas into chunks about 1/2” (or 1cm)wide.
  3. Slice heirloom tomatoes into bitesized chunks (roughly similar in size to the snap pea slices).
  4. Roughly chop the mint.
  5. Heat a skillet on med-high heat.
  6. Warm up the BBQ (or skillet or oven for the fish).
  7. Add olive oil.
  8. Add sugar snap peas and sauté until soft.
  9. Place Salmon on the BBQ (or in oven and skillet).
  10. Add the tomato slices and stir.  You only want to warm the tomatoes, not cook so do this for roughly 20 seconds.
  11. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the chopped mint.
  12. Add the apple cider vinegar and mirin and toss to coat.
  13. Remove the salmon filets when done to your liking (ideally it should be 125F internally but the USDA recommends 145F).
  14. Plate the snap pea, tomato mixture.
  15. Add a salmon filet to the top.
  16. Garnish with a leaf or two of mint.
  17. Add some other grilled veggies to the side if you wish.  I chose to add 3 grilled fryer peppers.