Paleo Penne Alfredo



  1. de-pod peas if they are not already out of the pod
  2. finely chop garlic scapes (or garlic cloves)
  3. finely chop scallions
  4. chiffonade the basil (6-7 leaves) : See notes for chiffonade
  5. remove sausage link meat from the casing
  6. heat a skillet on med to med
  7. add a small amount of olive oil (1 tbsp) to the hot skillet
  8. when oil is hot, add the scallions and garlic scapes (if you are using garlic cloves, wait to add with the peas)
  9. add the peas and romanesco
  10. when peas are turning a darker green, add the basil and stir thoroughly for 1 minute
  11. remove greens from the skillet
  12. add 1 tbsp oil to the pan
  13. when oil is hot, add the sausage meat and chop up to almost look like ground meat
  14. keep working and stirring until cooked through
  15. remove from the skillet and set aside
  16. add water to the skillet and turn up heat to med-high
  17. salt the water with 1 tsp salt
  18. when the water starts to boil, add the uncooked lentil penne noodles
  19. allow the noodles to cook until the water is nearly evaporated
  20. stir often when the water is nearly gone
  21. while noodles are cooking, whisk the arrowroot flour into the coconut milk
  22. when noodles have nearly absorbed all of the water, add the greens and sausage back into the skillet
  23. turn heat back to med
  24. add the coconut milk/arrowroot flour mixture
  25. stir until thickened
  26. taste and add salt and pepper as necessary
  27. serve and enjoy!!