Paleo Pulled Pork Tacos







  1. add all rub ingredients to a small bowl and whisk together with a wire whisk or a fork until combined

Pulled Pork

  1. remove pork roast from the package, rinse and pat dry
  2. cover the roast completely with a little olive oil (or yellow mustard if you are smoking)
  3. sprinkle the rub mixture all over the pork roast until completely covered.
  4. add the pork to the sous vide bag and seal (if using sous vide.  If not, skip this step)
  5. add the pork to the sous vide water bath at 167F or slow cooker on high or smoker
  6. cook sous vide for 24 hours (or slow cooker for 6 hours, or smoker for 10-18 depending on temp).
  7. test pork for pulling ability at the time listed above.  If the pork is still not pulling properly, leave under the heat for another hour.
  8. remove pork (in as many whole sections as possible) and sear in a hot skillet on all sides if you desire a layer of crust on the outside (I do)
  9. pull pork apart completely and put in a bowl or serving dish


  1. while pork is cooking, dice the tomatoes and mango and add to a bowl
  2. finely chop the onion (or shallots) and add to the bowl
  3. add the salt, pepper, and lime juice and stir until combined
  4. taste the salsa but remember to leave some for the tacos!

Taco Assembly

  1. place 1-3 shells on a plate
  2. place the pulled pork in the middle
  3. add the guac to the side or on top
  4. top with the fresh mango salsa
  5. garnish with fresh chopped parsley or cilantro
  6. squeeze a fresh lime slice over top