Sausage Medley on Fresh Greens with Vegan Salad Dressing

A fresh summer salad that’s both filling and delicious!


Dish Ingredients

Creamy Vegan Dijon Dressing


Dish Instructables

  1. Whip up the dressing as outlined in the recipe below.  Store in the fridge until ready to use.  Try hard not to “accidentally” get your finger in it so you have an excuse to eat it.
  2. Wash cremini mushrooms and cut into quarters.  Spray/drizzle with oil, add salt and toss to coat.  Make sure you do this in the beginning so they can sit on the counter for 20+ minutes.  The salt has a magical way of drawing out the sweetness!
  3. Wash the bosc pears (can sub other pears), quarter, and remove core.
  4. Wash your greens and spin/pat dry.  Set aside.
  5. Fire up the BBQ and get it ready to roast some peppers. (I’d aim for 350C)
  6. Wash the peppers, pat dry, and coat with olive oil.
  7. Begin roasting peppers.
  8. When peppers start to brown and blister, flip to a fresh side.  You want to do this on all sides.
  9. When blistered and browned on all sides, remove and set aside covered with foil (if you are using large peppers, cut into chunks at this point and remove seeds and stem.  You can eat the seeds of the little guys.  You won’t even notice….much).
  10. Heat a skillet on med to med-high and add duck fat (or oil of your choice).
  11. Fry cremini mushrooms until golden brown.
  12. Remove mushrooms, cover and set aside.
  13. You don’t have to increase the temp on your BBQ but at this point I like to aim for 400C-450C.  Do this while the skillet is heating up.
  14. Add sausages to the BBQ.
  15. As the sausages start to cook, add pears to the same skillet you cooked the mushrooms in, cut side down and cook until browned.  Then flip to other cut side and brown that side.  At the same time, flip your sausages to cook as evenly as possible on all sides.
  16. When the sausages reach 165C internal (or when your spidey senses start tingling), remove and cover with foil.
  17. When the pears are browned on both sides, remove and cover.
  18. Now it’s time to assemble this bad boy.  Place your greens in a bowl or on a platter/board.
  19. Place the peppers on top, then the pears (don’t be afraid to get crazy and experimental here), and then sprinkle the mushrooms about on top of that (get even more crazy).
  20. Cut the sausages each into 3 pieces.  Spread about on top of the greens, pears, peppers, and mushrooms.
  21. Throw the Cream Dijon Dressing over the top.  Use as much as you think you’ll need.  If you’ve tasted it (as I know you have!) and you think it is on the strong side, then use less dressing.  If you love the dressing like I do, pour it into a glass and drink it.  KIDDING!  Use more on top of the medley.
  22. Sit down and enjoy!

Creamy Vegan Dijon Dressing

  1. grate garlic clove on the fine holes of a box grater or hand grater
  2. finely chop the tarragon
  3. add all ingredients to a bowl and whisk thoroughly
  4. enjoy!