Smoked Paprika Rubbed Steak with Seared Green Beans and Rosemary Potatoes


Smoked Paprika rub



Smoked Paprika rub

  1. Combine all rub ingredients in a bowl and whisk until completely combined


  1. Work the Smoked Paprika Rub into the steak(s) until covered with rub on all sides
  2. Let the steaks sit for 30 minutes to allow the rub to work its magic
  3. Heat the oven or BBQ to 350F
  4. Wash the potatoes thoroughly
  5. Cut the potatoes in half (or thirds for the longer ones) to be roughly the same size
  6. Put potatoes on tinfoil or in a baking sheet
  7. Drizzle oil (ghee or butter if not paleo) on the potatoes
  8. Coarsely chop some fresh rosemary
  9. Sprinkle chopped rosemary over the potatoes
  10. Cover the potatoes in the foil packet
  11. Put the potatoes in the oven
  12. Heat a skillet(preferably cast iron) on the stove to med-high
  13. Add oil (or butter/ghee if not paleo)
  14. Once the oil is smoking, add the green beans
  15. Allow the green beans to sear until brown, then mix.
  16. Continue this process of sear and mix until the beans are browned on most sides
  17. Put the steaks on the BBQ
  18. Remove the beans from the heat.
  19. Open the foil pack of the potatoes to allow to crisp slightly.
  20. Cook steak to desired temp and let rest for 5-10 mins
  21. Char a chilaca or long pepper of your choice (completely optional)
  22. Plate beans in a dish and grate toasted cashews over them using a microplane or very fine grater.
  23. Plate potatoes and steak
  24. Get into a defensive stance cuz the dinner guests are about to rush you at the table!  The smell of steak does that to people.