Vegan Protein and Almond Butter Energy Bites

Vega Protein, Vega, Almond butter, dates, vanilla, vegan, paleo



  1. Make sure all pits are removed from the dates and cut in half or thirds.
  2. Add the dates to a food processor and pulse until coarsely chopped.
  3. Add the almond butter, oat, cacao powder, Vega protein, vanilla, and maple syrup.
  4. Process until the mixture starts to stick together (you’ll notice a change in how the mixture sounds and you’ll see it clumping and falling into the blades).
  5. Scoop out mixture in 1tbsp sized clumps and press and roll between your hands.
  6. When finished, you can roll them in any coating you like.  I used cacao powder here as well as coconut flakes.  Be creative and use your faves!
  7. Refrigerate for 2-4 hours or overnight.
  8. Enjoy as a snack, before exercise, or when you need an energy boost!